About KC Cash & Carry

Family owned since 1985, Kansas City Cash & Carry provides comprehensive wholesale services to Midwest independent retailers.  We actively listen to our customer base and search for the best products at the lowest prices possible.

Trends and products change quickly and our department managers strive to make sure that we are on the leading edge allowing our customers to stay competitive. 

From tobacco, tobacco accessories, snacks, beverages, medicine, novelties, hats and t-shirts, we can help you stock your store front to back.

Our strong relationships with manufacturers allows us access to special promotions and sales throughout the year.  These promotions include sale prices, promotional products and special product offerings not available from other wholesalers.

We are not open to the public so only you get the wholesale pricing.  We also won’t charge you a fee to shop with us!

Upcoming Sale

April 2, 2020 at the warehouse

Our Location

5320 Winner Rd
Kansas City, MO 64127
816.231.6841 phone
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